Perfectly crafted dystopian romance.

Half a Million Dead Cannibals - Kari Gregg

If you are looking for sweet and fluffy, don't look here. It is the zombie apocalypse and the danger of this dystopian world isn't watered down or glamorized. Life is harsh, people can die horrible deaths, and other humans can't be trusted to not rob you or throw you to the mercy of the hungry Zombie horde. And yet, there is a romance within the pages.


Riley and Graham met at the beginning of the outbreak of the plague. Riley is small and quick and Graham is retired military, but together they manage much better than some of the larger groups. They discovered a well-stocked shelter and have been hiding there for three months. Winter is brutal and the cold temperatures seems to slow down the zombies. But it's not the zombies Graham's worried about. Supplies are dwindling and a group of humans have been going from building to building in their area. They have no mercy on the people they come across. It's just a matter of time before Riley and Graham are found.


Graham knows of a place they can go to but first they must cross the city, dodging both zombies and rooftop snipers. At first, the blizzard that is rolling in seems like a blessing in disguise, but it is just as deadly as the living and the undead.


Riley is attracted to Graham but is filled with regrets and loss. Unlike Graham who talks about the future, Riley only lives for the today because there is no such thing as tomorrow. The future is too bleak to risk being hopeful on. Graham wants more from Riley than today. If Riley desires more than to share a platonic bed with Graham, then he will to have to find the determination to look beyond the present and fight to have a tomorrow with Graham.


The story had the perfect amount of tension to keep me glued to the pages and the budding romance between Riley and Graham had me holding my breath. This does have a happy-for-now ending. But seriously, this is not a story that can have a HEA with all the zombie's hanging about, and they don't poof away. I was satisfied with how the story left off and I would be very interested in seeing where Graham was taking Riley.