Loving Without Limits

Lexi has always been an avid reader, and at a young age started reading (secretly) her mother’s romances (the ones she was told not to touch). She was the only teenager she knew of who would be grounded from reading. Later, with a pencil and a note book, she wrote her own stories and shared them with friends because she loved to see their reactions. A Texas transplant, Lexi now kicks her boots up in the Midwest with her Yankee husband and her eighty-pound puppies named after vacuum cleaners.

Currently reading

The Vampyre's Revenge
Tracy Rowan
Loving Instincts
S.J. Frost
Vampire Prince
S.J. Frost
Undead and Unwed
MaryJanice Davidson
Shades of Sepia
Anne Barwell
Adapting Instincts
S.J. Frost
Fangsters: Clan of the Jersey Boys
Ryan Field
Deadly Fetishes
Kayden McLeod
Forever Fearless (Forever Vampire) (Volume 2)
Jeff Erno
Forever Young
Jeff Erno