Superbly drawn within a rich and engaging urban fantasy world.

Dance in the Dark - Megan Derr

Johnnie was adopted by the Dracula Desrosiers after the death of his parents. Brought into a paranormal world he didn't know existed, Johnnie embraced it only to discover he couldn't fully be a part of it. He would ever to be on the outside looking in because he may be smart, be able to put on the affectation of, and able to dress as a vampire, but he would always be only a human.


Johnnie cannot resist a puzzle and when his best friend asks him to look into the mystery of a pair of missing shoes, it is the beginning of several changes that will take place in Johnnie's life. He is called the perfect vampire with good reason, he is cold, austere, impatient, and snooty.


He's been in love with his step-brother since he was nine years old. With his brother's betrothal, Johnnie uses the excuse of the mysteries to begin to make a place of his own, outside of his father's controlling grasp—well mostly. He wants something more for himself, more than being known as the son of the Dracula. With each new mystery he carves out a niche for himself, even if he's stuck with Bergrin for a bodyguard.


Each chapter is a small mystery which reveals a little more of Johnnie's life, the misconceptions, and the ever broadening picture from what he thinks he knows, to what the underlying truth really is. An overall mystery encompassed the entire story which was a joy to puzzle out.


This was a delight to read on several levels. The main and supporting characters are superbly drawn within a rich and engaging urban fantasy world. The quoted lines of poetry were superb and well thought out. I look forward to reading more of this series.