Ruby Red Booty Shorts and a Louisville Slugger (I.O.N.)

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Ruby Red Booty Shorts & A Louisville Slugger - Lexi Ander

The beginning was too familiar. I kept thinking I'd read the book before because it reminded me of several shorts I've read. But that didn't mean the start was bad. No, it was hot. It's a little weird to start out with a sex scene but it was good so it worked for me.

Interesting new take on werewolves which I liked. I don't like it when someone is referred to as "the blond," especially a main character, but this only happened a couple of times. I'm not sure why Diego didn't help out his family with his money instead of establishing a scholarship fund. I'm not judging, it just seems more likely from a cultural perspective. I actually teared up when (major big ass spoiler) Beck proposed. Maybe I was just emotional yesterday.

It was a little too short, ended quite suddenly; I might have rounded up instead of down if that weren't the case. There better be a sequel.

4.5 rounded down because of sudden ending.