Kim Fielding – Alaska

Alaska - Kim Fielding

Reviewed by: Lexi


Summary: Best friends Scott and Marco meet on a rooftop on Christmas Eve, each temporarily escaping from his difficult home life. With no gift to share, Marco instead promises to someday rescue Scott and take him to Alaska. As the years pass, they meet—first by design, then by chance—on occasional Christmas Eves, only to find life growing increasingly difficult. They treasure the few moments they have together, but will they ever reach Alaska?


Review: I have friends who I haven't seen in years. Who I only get to speak to or see every once in a great while, but when we do get together, no matter what has happened, how we've changed, what we've done, we slip back into the comfort of each other. No stilted conversation or awkwardness, just an easiness with each other as if we spoke the day before instead of ten years ago.


This story reminds me of the relationship I have with a very small group of people.

Best friends, Scott and Marco, had less than ideal family lives but they were there for each other. They shared hopes and dreams on a Christmas Eve where Marco swore he would save Scott. It was a vow only a young adult could make, fully believing that he would be able to keep the heart felt promise. Those words he would carry with him as the years passed.


Each scene was a snapshot in time. From boys to young adults and then to men, Scott and Marco were separated by circumstance and time, yet each time they came together, they noted the changes in each other but that connection between them was unwavering and strong. They each had their individual challenges that they struggled with on a daily basis. Marco came to understand it may not have been in his ability to save Scott, but it didn't keep him from lamenting the shortcoming even as he continued to yearn help Scott, who was just breaking my heart. I do wish there was a little more at the end because I wanted just a little more time with Scott and Marco.


There is a lesson in this poignant short story. Sometimes the smallest actions have the largest impact. The result is more grand and more lasting than a hero swooping down to save the day. Gah! I adore this little story.