Secrets and Ink - Lou Harper

I'm not sure what to say. I know that I'm in the minority when it comes to how I feel about this book. The writing is good and I enjoy flawed characters. Up to a certain point I really, really did like this. Then Jem took a nose dive and I had a problem understanding him. He didn't think at all. I don't know if it was because of his accident (and if it was, it wasn't mentioned in the book) or if he was really that dense normally and i didn't catch the signs at the beginning. I fully expected him to die. He didn't think things through, ever. All the mistakes he made should have killed him or possibly his friend at the grocery store. I had no idea why the cop would continue to be interested. 


Most of the people I know who have read this, love it to pieces. I don't. I don't hate it, I'm just not sure how I feel about it so I'm not going to rate it.