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Lexi has always been an avid reader, and at a young age started reading (secretly) her mother’s romances (the ones she was told not to touch). She was the only teenager she knew of who would be grounded from reading. Later, with a pencil and a note book, she wrote her own stories and shared them with friends because she loved to see their reactions. A Texas transplant, Lexi now kicks her boots up in the Midwest with her Yankee husband and her eighty-pound puppies named after vacuum cleaners.

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Maybe the Wolf is in love with the Moon
Maybe the Wolf is in love with the Moon

Sparks that light the imagination.

Burning Now - AR Moler

Reviewed by Barb 

Mystery, intrigue, a new twist on shifters , and two hot guys— both literally and figuratively.   Gideon is a firefighter and Vanya is a firebird, a phoenix shifter. 

When Gideon Sato finds a naked man buried beneath the rubble of a warehouse fire, little did he know that his life was about to change.   The man, Vanya Stravinsky, was injured when mugged after leaving his job at a Russian restaurant the previous evening.  He struggles to recall the circumstances surrounding his appearance at the warehouse, but he’s strangely calmed by Gideon’s presence and the touch of Gideon’s hands. 

Vanya finally realizes that he apparently shifted to a phoenix, a “zhar-ptitsa”, after he was mugged and abandoned in the sub-freezing temperatures of Minneapolis.  His instinct must have caused him to shift and seek the warmth of the warehouse fire, where instead of being burned, he found comfort.  Gideon seeks Vanya out several days later and the two begin to acknowledge their mutual attraction.  Vanya realizes that the warmth and tingling he feels when Gideon is near is “priznanye”, a bond that grows stronger as two people spend more time together.  It will eventually lead to a strong mating bond if they continue to be in each other’s company.  In a misguided effort to be completely honest with Gideon, Vanya shifts into his bird form without preparing him in advance.  When Gideon storms out of Vanya’s apartment in reaction, Vanya assumes they’ll never see each other again.   

There is a nice mystery theme underlying this romance, and the two men do get together again while Vanya tries to find out what really happened with the warehose fire. The police consider him an arson suspect, and he finds that he and Gideon are the only ones interested in clearing his name.  There’s more action and intrigue, another fire, and another close call for Vanya as they try to solve the crime.

I really enjoyed this adventure and the mystery itself.  The match of the fireman with the bird-shifter who seeks fire and heat for warmth was quirky but worked really well here.  The dynamic between the two men was sweet and, though the story was short, it was quite complex.   I wouldn’t mind reading more stories set in this shifter world. 

I recommend this to all who would like to explore a shifter romance that doesn’t involve wolves, and to those who like some mystery underlying their romance reads.   This story is a very nice way to spend a rainy (or snowy) afternoon.  


The Other Man: 21 Writers Speak Candidly about Sex, Love, Infidelity, & Moving on - Paul Alan Fahey, Jeffrey Ricker, David Pratt, Perry Brass, Jeff Mann, Erik Orrantia, Philip Dean Walker, Wes Hartley, Lewis DeSimone, William Henderson, Rodney Ross, Felice Picano, Glen Retief, Rob Byrnes, Jason Schneiderman, Austin Bunn, R.W. Clinger, Tom Mendicino, Mark

Reviewed by Nancy


: I was ecstatic to get the opportunity to read this collection of stories, especially since Rodney Ross, author of The Cool Part of His Pillow, is one of the contributors, and I really loved his first book.

Each of the stories in this collection is deeply personal and candid and offers different perspectives on infidelity.   Human emotions are very complex and relationships are hard work, requiring commitment from both partners.   Life is full of unexpected changes and I really enjoyed reading these struggles to adapt and grow in spite of relationship difficulties. 

Even though this collection focuses on gay relationships, there is something in here for everyone, regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

Jeffrey Ricker explores online dating after he had his heart broken in What If?.   The relationships with men looking for something on the side were fun, but he wants more.

In The Rival With a Thousand Faces, Glen Retief is living with the love of his life in Spain, but learns that living with a deeply closeted man who is away from home a lot and has secrets of his own can be as difficult as coping with the difficulties of living in a foreign country.  I loved the literature references and need to read Graham Greene.

Stung and humiliated by his last cheating boyfriend, Jason Schneiderman now plays hard to get in The Hat Prize.  He learns his new date, Michael, has a boyfriend, but they enjoy each other’s company.  Since Jason didn’t have to worry about falling in love, his relationship with Michael proceeded naturally without having to deal with all the pressure and awkwardness of a first date.   Very sweet story.

In Husbands, Austin Bunn left his boyfriend when their education and careers took them separate ways.  He discusses his affairs with married men, the advantages and disadvantages, at the same time exploring their motives and discovering more about his inner self and his own needs. 

R. W. Clinger’s In the Brokenness of Summertime explores the effects of infidelity on a long-married couple.  The anger, hurt and guilt pouring from the pages was just heartbreaking.  This is an intense and unsettling story, but the ending made me giggle. 

In Any Resemblance to Actual Persons, Living or Dead, Is Entirely Coincidental, Tom Mendicino describes his own experience with Hal, a married man looking for discreet sex with men on the side and how he was the inspiration for a character in his first novel.

Mark Canavera learns that his lover, Ousmane, is having a virtual relationship in Complicity.  He remembers his own affair that occurred just a few months before and even though Mark’s transgression was worse, the impact is the same.  Will they be able to forgive each other?   I liked the glimpse of life and troubles in West Africa. 

In Turbulence, Chuck Willman shows how lies and deception impact everyone involved.

Some people think that it’s perfectly acceptable to “fuck around” during periods of extended absence.   Of course, for such relationships to work there has to be openness, honesty and a set of ground rules.   Allen Mack’s Just Wally and Me was a lighthearted, warm and funny story that made me smile. 

Rob believes he’s an actor, even though he hasn’t worked in many years.  Infidelity can break hearts…so can unfulfilled dreams.   David Pratt’s Way Off explores the challenges of professional acting and a relationship in turmoil.  This was a very sad story. 

Morris Hartman is a lawyer…and a huge fan of author Perry Brass.  He’s also straight, married and in the process of coming out.  Perry is intrigued by this man, even though he has had disappointing experiences with fans in the past.  They meet and have an affair.  It’s not so simple.  A Pitiless Love uncovers the emotional pain that can be suffered by the one who cheats.

Paul Alan Fahey’s Where Are You Going To?  shows how the music you listen to can define special moments in your life.

I loved Jeff Mann’s Thomas.  This is a really sad and lovely story that explores a man’s overwhelming pain and emotions from loving someone who doesn’t love you back.  Time does not always heal wounds. 

In Erik Orrantia’s Ballad Echoes, Erik feels responsible for taking care of his HIV+ lover even though their love has died.  He falls for another man who is not so perfect either, but he manages to learn from his mistakes and move on.  Relationships can never be perfect, because people are not.   I hope Erik is happy.

In Philip Dean Walker’s The Other Side of the Game, Phil has had his eyes on a buff dude at the gym for over two years.  He has a vibrant online life and a boyfriend, but that doesn’t stop Phil from making a date with him.  The two men have an affair while Drew’s boyfriend is studying abroad.  The boyfriend returns, but Phil is unable to let go. 

In the sexy Three’s A Charm, Wes Hartley talks about how he met his 16-year-old boyfriend, Riley, while he was in a relationship with the boy’s uncle, Ronny.  Riley is not out yet, and is looking for a sexual mentor.  This consists of no more than friendly head and sleepovers.  Once Riley gains his confidence and skill, he comes out to his uncle and meets Tanner, a hot number close to his own age.   The sleepovers continue…

Lewis DeSimoneconveys the intense passion and overwhelming emotions of first love in Last Tango in Cambridge.  This is a beautiful and heartfelt story.

William Henderson’s You Without Me is a very intriguing story told in the second-person point of view about an unhappily married man who does not reveal this fact to his new lover.   His lover slips back into old ways.  I liked the intimate feel of this story.

Rodney Ross and his partner have been together 30 years.  In And Then There Was One, he tells amusing tales about the couples they know whose relationships failed.  Wisely, they have chosen not to take sides.   

Felice Picano’s The Child, is not about a child at all, but about a man who was the author’s partner’s “other man.”  In the 70’s, gay relationships were open until HIV began to change things.  This story deals with illness, death, grief and the messiness associated with it. 

In A Brief History of the Divorce Party, the party was originally a holiday party until Rob Byrnes’ partner announced he was in love with someone else.  It doesn’t have to end up badly.  Time passes and life changes.  Couples who have had history together can still be good friends and learn from their mistakes. 

I enjoyed every single one of these personal stories and loved how they explored the complexities of relationships with humor, warmth and sensitivity. 

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this anthology will go to the It Gets Better Project.

Forgotten Menagerie - Kate Lowell, Alex Whitehall, Avery Vanderlyle, Angelia Sparrow, Cari Z., Amanda Ching

Reviewed by Lucy 


Reading anthologies is so difficult sometimes because of the differing quality, subject matter,  author style and even length of each story.

Nuts About You rated 5 hearts.  It is no secret that I am a fan of cute, fluffy and funny and all I can say about this is thank you Kate Lowell because this was the best of all three.  Nathan is a shifter and he’s adorable.  He has the hots for Vince, who comes into the feed store where Nathan works.  The story is told in third person from Nathan’s POV and he is just funny!  “Oh my walnuts!”, he glimpses Vince in the shower and wishes to be a were-sponge.  Vince, for his part, unknowingly sees Nathan in his shifted form and later tells Nathan about the “fat” animal he sees.  Poor Nathan spends the rest of the time sucking in his belly.  I also really liked the description of how the shift happens, I thought it was creative.  This story made me laugh, made me smile, made me happy.

The Greatest of These Rated 4.  This one is more serious, as the religious Daniel is having some serious soul issues trying to reconcile being gay, in addition to now being a shifter.  At the point of dying a man, Liam, saved him by transforming him and four years later Liam is “terrified he made the wrong choice in saving Daniel by changing him.”  It’s all so confusing for Daniel and sad for Liam.  It’s a difficult concept, particularly when Liam thinks Daniel had tried to kill himself, but I appreciated that Daniel was grappling with these issues and no easy road was taken.


Mirrors, The Moon and the Boy Rated 4.  Eber is a shifter and he keeps his secret and his heart thoroughly guarded.  That doesn’t mean he doesn’t use some of the moon’s power to his advantage and at this time he hits the club and lives up to his reputation.  This time, however, Miguel (or Micheal) is encroaching on the walls he has around him.  There is a complication, however, in the form of Nigel, an actor Eber has slept with who has become a little obsessed about discovering Eber’s secret.  Miguel gets to step up at this point and he’s awesome.  “I’m not allowed to like you?...You, a human being with just one peculiar twist?”   How can you withstand someone like that?


Burdens Lightened Rated 3.5  I liked Dobson, who really doesn’t seem to realize he deserves more than what he has, he deserves someone special.  Dobson is a farmer and also works construction.  Bob, the owner, brings on his nephew, Jim, who’s father wants him to “sweat the gay out of him”.  Jerk.  Luckily, Bob isn’t like that, making sure Dobson knows he can’t break the boy’s heart.   They work well together and Dobson’s revelation of his secret is taken matter of factly.  This story definitely ends on not even a HFN, more like a Happily-Maybe-In-The-Future. I will have to have faith in Jim.


Dangerous Territory Rated 4. Carter, oh that man.  He’s trying so hard and I really, really wanted his brother-in-law, Percy,  (and his sister, Millie, for that matter) to end up penniless or something.  Because of dear brother-in-law, Carter is about to be homeless and lose his portion of the family ranch.  He has no money to pay out the sever.  Not only that but Percy wants to evict Keena and Gertrude, faithful friends who have been on the ranch for decades.   I’d have had more sympathy for Millie until she opened her mouth and spouted hatred.  Then not any more. Keena believes they have one small chance to get the money.  Carter has to try – Percy is moving people into Carter’s bedroom, even, and abusing Carter’s horses.  This involves the help of Rani, the son of a shifter chief, who comes across as arrogant and rude. Appearances are deceiving.   The trip is extremely dangerous and Rani proves himself a good man and a great shifter. 

In Liam's Wake: The Makeshift Soldier (Toys and Soldiers, #1) by Ashlyn Forge

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In Liam's Wake: The Makeshift Soldier (Toys and Soldiers) - Ashlyn Forge

This review can be found at The Blog of Sid Love.

Eight years ago, Liam was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Thrust into a world that’s considered ‘Topside’, life as he knew it was just about over. His only saving grace is Riley, the man who was sucked into the mysterious place with him. Unfortunately for them, they had to endure one hellish situation after another to survive. Now Liam’s been in the ‘Colony’, a more civilized place than Topside, for five years but Riley’s been in a coma for just as long. Liam’s world is slowly falling apart but what will happen when Riley finally wakes up? Will Liam’s natural affinity to causing problems put them in more trouble then the two can handle?

I just want to say for the record that this book is really crazy! There are so many layers to not only the world and the characters but everything that Liam and Riley have to endure. They each had their own problems and now have the emotional and physical scars to prove it but this book is one that is constantly moving forward. When something happens, it doesn’t just resolve itself in a matter of moments but propels the story into another situation and another to the point that they’re all interwoven and almost all can be resolved in a specifc way… by Liam registering with the Eletes.

To be honest, I don’t feel comfortable trying to explain this story because it would be hard to recreate all that in so many words. What I will say is that this book definitely took me for a ride. Whenever I thought something was going good, Liam would inadvertently cause another problem or part of Riley’s mysteriousness would start to unravel and we’d learn something new about the characters and how much more complicated things could get.

About the characters, I absolutely adored them. Liam is so broken, complicated and almost naive. He’s… well, he’s a hot mess. He just wants to break Riley and him free of the Colony and go back to New York but he can’t do that and each time he’s denied his way of going home, he starts to unravel more and more, losing his mind, becoming anxious and panicky. He has these built in receptors that are extremely dangerous and could kill him if he gets too worked up, which he gets close to doing multiple times. He always thinks he’s found a way to get out of the ‘prison’ he’s in but each time it falls through and he slowly loses hope to the point that he becomes suicidal in his mission to get them back to New York.

Riley is like Liam’s rock but, at the same time, their situation is unique. Riley is even more complicated than Liam because, as the story progresses, you learn over and over how Riley is different from anyone else alive but not exactly how he got that way. It’s amazing and intriguing to see it all play out. Even more so because of the connection between Liam and Riley. Which, while I wouldn’t exactly consider it a sexual one at first, it is definitely an emotional one. They’re linked together through their shared experiences and have created a bond that is hard to break completely.

I had a few issues with the story, though. My main one is that I was confused a lot. The transitions between one problem and the next weren’t very smooth so I was always left scratching my head wondering how Liam or Riley ended up where they did, almost like there were scenes missing between one chapter break and the start of another. It was hard to follow when mixed with Riley’s disadvantage of losing his memories or with Liam’s panic attacks that cause them to black out.

Another thing I had trouble with was understanding Liam and Riley’s relationship because sometimes they would be in love and other times it was almost like they hated each other or were disgusted with one another. I’m not sure if it was meant towards one another or at something else that was keeping them apart but it made me semi uncomfortable… but then they’d confess their love and their emotional connection would be so prominent that I was able to overlook it sometimes. Beyond that, I must admit that I still have a ton of questions about the world and Riley and Liam’s relationship. What is going to happen to Riley? What exactly is Riley? How did he get that way? What is his place in the Colony? Why is Riley still so apprehensive about being touched during intimacy? There’s just so many questions revolving around Riley that I’m burning to know the answers of… but then I also want to know more about Liam and these mysterious people still trying to kill him. Or how the Elete will change him? What will the Elete do to him now? What about Norman? Or Vlad? Omg, there’s just so many questions that I want to know NOW!

Phew! In the end, this was an amazing story. It’s been a while since I’ve been so intrigued with a book that, even though it was a crazy story, I just couldn’t put it down. I was so invested in this one and how Liam and Riley would make things work or how Liam would get out of his next fuck up that I didn’t even notice I was gobbling up huge chunks of the story at a time. I didn’t expect that this would become such a complex book but I’m so glad I read it. I can’t wait to read more in this series and in this world. It’s such a fascinating world with emotionally damaged and fragile characters. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone looking for something different that’ll grab you by the balls and not let go… so to speak. LOL. I loved the book so much I even bought the paperback! :D

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/731880171
Where to start.
Where to start.

PM Your Friends on BookLikes - Personal Messages Are On

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Stay in touch with your friends, favorite authors and other bloggers on BookLikes. Now you can PM each other and send private notes.


All you have to do is to select your addressee, write message and send. It all can be done on Message Page where you can search through a list of your BookLikes friends - write username or blog title. To reset addressee click New Message and enter different username or blog name of your friend on BookLikes.


To go to PM Page, click envelope icon on the upper navigation bar. 



Each of you has three options from whom you would like to receive messages

   - from your followings only,

   - from your followers only,

   - from your followings and followers.


Personal Messages settings are available on PM Page where you can select the option that fits you, look through your messages history and create new ones. You can also manage your messages notification. 


More improvements and features for PMs are in progress. 



To gain new readers and followings write and update your blog and bookshelf regularly. Find new interesting blogs on Explore page, select your favorite literary genre and follow new book blogs. If you're an author stay in touch with your new readers, you can also set up giveaways and set up discussion rooms.


P.S. If you're an author on BookLikes and we didn't get in touch with you yet, let us know at contact@booklikes.com. We have some goodies for you :-)

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Shelf, Writing Reviews & Reblog Updates

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We're making organizing your books and writing reviews easier and faster. Today's Thursday release includes several updates concerning exclusive statuses, your reviews and reblogs.


On Your Shelf


NEW: Change shelf into exclusive status


Form now on you can change existing thematic shelf into exclusive status. Then the books will be shelved only with this exclusive status (former shelf) and any other default status (read, planning to read, currently reading) will be removed. This means that you don't have to manually reset the default statuses, it will be done automatically. 


To Change the existing thematic shelf into exclusive status, point on the shelf name and click the icon .




This change works in both ways. This means that you can make new status (former shelf) a thematic shelf again. However, the default statuses will not be brought back. Be careful and double check that you really want to change the chosen shelf into exclusive status and reset default statuses. 


Here are several other options available on your Shelf page:


1. Create exclusive status


You can still add new status to your Shelf (e.g.: Re-read) and shelve new book with this status. Here's how:

1. Just create new status (click +add exclusive status, type name and Enter).

2. Search for a book in search box on the top, click on it and select "Add to bookshelf" in book pop up.

3. Select new status in Edit Statuses sector and Save. 




If you don't want to change the whole shelf into new status, you can manually reset default status on several books and keep those books with new status only. If you wan to reset the default status follow these steps:


1. Create new exclusive status on your Shelf page 

2. Click on the book on your Shelf.

3. Edit your statuses and select the one that fits you.

4. Click on the default status.

5. Click on the green default status on tab in book pop up - it will go white (deactivated).

6. Save.

Below are screens that show how it looks like in the pop up.


Default Read and Exclusive: 

Exclusive only:


2. Create thematic shelves


Thematic shelves help you to organize your books and keep those from the same series, author, genre together. To add new thematic shelves: click +Add new Shelf, type name and hit Enter. Then click on book on your Shelf and Edit shelves in book pop up. Remember to Save.


You can also rename and remove thematic shelves.

Hover over the Shelf name and you'll see two icons: "x" and little pencil. When you click on a pencil, you'll be able to edit shelf's name and if you select 'x', you'll delete the shelf. Your books will not be deleted, the books will stay on your Shelf page with default status but not on the thematic shelf (it will be gone). 



3. Table view


Table view shows your books in a list an has numerous edit options:


- Add to Shelves: You can select several books and add them to a given thematic shelf or change status.

- Sort by: You can sort by author, title, add date, read date, ratings and cover to add missing cover images.

Remove selected: You can delete several books from your shelf, they will be removed from your shelf page permanently. 

- Add: you can add ratings, shelves to single book, read date, review. 




NEW: You can Go from your Shelf straight into Review writing mode. 


Now when you want to create a review straight from your Shelf, the rating stars marked on your Shelf will be auto-transferred to your writing mode and the text will be automatically marked as a Review


You can uncheck the review marker and change ratings any time in the writing mode. 


Reblog update


We made reblogs more transparent. From now on every time you reblog a given post (review, text, photo, quote, URL, video) an information about it and a link to original author of the post will be given on the top


More updates concerning reblogs are also in progress. As well as many many more :-)

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